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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CNY Soft Drink Diet

This year, we offer 4 types of soft drinks for our CNY Family Reunion Dinner guest… and that means I will  “inevitably” be drinking at least 3 cans of soft drink a day during the festive season (of a full week)…

So I cautiously check out the calorie content of each soft drink!
Guess which is the most “fattening” drink!


100 plus: 65 calories
Coke: 102 calories
Zappel: 113 calories
Ice Lemon Tea: 114 calories
Shandy: 134.4 calories

I have to jog for about 25 min to get rid of one can of Shandy!
Imagine that!

Even if I walk up the stairs for 3o min I only burn 219 calories!
That’s just two cans of Coke!

And I will have to cycle (at leisure speed) for 30 min to get rid of a can of Zappel or a can of Ice Lemon Tea…

Even if I walk Little Dan for an hour (at about 2 mph)… I only burn 150 calories…

The calories fact is so disheartening!

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  1. I didn't drink a single soft drink and was vegetarian throughout the festive period. I actually lost weight after CNY.