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Saturday, February 20, 2010

LD is a Havanese?

This was Little Dan when I first saw him at his birth place… Auntie FS’s house! He was such a tiny puppy. In fact he was the smallest amongst all his other siblings.

Auntie FS has no idea who is his dad (LD has a very “naughty” mom) but I was told his mother is a Shihtzu mix…


Anyway, as this boy starts to grow day by day (literally)…

He is now this huge… so we can no longer call him “Little” Dan… he’s now known as “Giant Dan”!


Looking at him, I could find no traits of a Shihtzu… the size, the eyes, the jaws, the paws… is NO SHIHTZU at all!

As a matter of fact, he actually looks like a Havanese
A breed I first encountered in a dog breed book at Times Bookstore. First glance at the picture of a Havenese, I went “that’s exactly how Dan Dan looks like!”

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