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Saturday, February 27, 2010

From Pathetique to Moonlight

After one whole year of Pathetique Sonata in 2009… I finally can play one third of this piano piece from memory…

But now, I am thinking of another piano piece for 2010… the Moonlight Sonata also by Beethoven (4 page long!).

Always loved the Moonlight… right from the start with C# and the mesmerizing repetitive G# C# E… then to B… then to A#l F#  then back to low G#… as if there were this dark black cloud moving over slowly to cover the Moon… so the base representing the Moon went deeper and deeper and deeper… … …

The beauty of the music is beyond what my command of the English language to describe… I can only say… I so love Beethoven’s sadness!


PS: the pieces I am playing are the simplified version from Amsco’s Piano Pieces fro Adult Beginners.


  1. Beethoven's Moonlight sonata was not inspired by moonlight. And most possibly, Beethoven was telling his love to his 17 year old lover ( a girl ofcourse).

  2. Nonetheless, I always imagine the moonlight when I heard this piece... maybe due to the Japanese anime I watched years ago (Kenshin) where there is a part where the villain played this piece on the piano under a moonlit sky near a balcony of a mansion by the cliff... that scene is incripted in my mind!