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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My First Outstation Appearance

I was sent to TAWAU for mentions!

To get there, I had to take the early flight at 7am... SEVEN AM! As I stay about 30 km from the airport, that means I had to wake latest by 5 am... It has been ages since I woke up that early to start a journey (since my last primary school day?)!

See? when I reached KKT1... the morning has only just begun to break! Anyway, the lights gave the airport a very nice look... :)


Anyway, I was late (I checked in online so I took my sweet time)... so my breakfast ordered at the cafe in the boarding hall was not even ready yet when it was calling for boarding!


The croissant, fried egg, mashed potatoes and chicken sausage I ordered ended up in a plastic container...  that I had to carry on board (lucky MAS allow consumption of outside food onboard).

From Tawau Airport to Tawau town is a 30 minute long stretch of "highway".


I reached the court premises around 830am...


No one has arrived yet...


There's only me, my files, the empty court and my camera... :)  

Mmm... Tawau court public seats are cushioned! Just like the ones in KL... we are deprived of that in KK!

The court proceedings started at 930 am, nothing exciting happened... just the usual adjournments and I was relieved at around 10 am... after which I wandered purposelessly around the Tawau town until I find too very tiring (I was carrying a big briefcase with three files in it) and hot (it was such a cursed bright sunny day). Devastated by the fact that Pizza Hut is not opened until 11 am, I waved at a cab and took the long 30 minute ride to the airport thinking there might be better cafe there!

I was wrong of course... sigh!


So I ended up writing a blog at the airport cafeteria and fallen asleep on the table (I know it's unsightly but I couldn't help it, I was so bored!) 

I was so grateful when the flight finally took off slightly after 2.40pm... even though on an empty stomach (have no appetite at all in Tawau).

I took my late lunch at the brand new KKT1

at the McDonald's (where else?) 

And then headed home in a traffic jam...



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