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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Telephone

Who invented the telephone? I don't remember and don't think his/her name is worth my memory (already it has such a small capacity)!


I hate the telephone on my office desk... it's a ghost lurking in the dark (or more like hiding in the midst of the piles of files on my desk). When it rings, I HAVE to pick it up, even though I will never know who's on the other side! It rarely turns out to be a friend but a lot of times it's an unfriendly call (clients never sound friendly on the phone) from a person I don't know much. And I am never prepared for the answer.

Why can't the Internet be invented first... WAY BEFORE the telephone! Then we could all be using MSN Messenger and email!

They say emails with the lack of emotions is always a friendship killer, but I think telephone conversation is way worse! You see, everything I said on the phone cannot be taken back but when I'm chatting or writing an email, I can type the text, read it once, and decide whether to press enter!

With email, I can always "delay" my answer but with the phone I have to give the answer there and then without the required information... and the person on the other side of the phone always wants an answer there and then while I am still trying to remember who the #$**#$&*$ was him/her!

"hello, I am Mr X, I signed an agreement at your office the other day..." (hello? X number of people signed agreement in my office "the other day" and they are all either Mr or Ms Somebody).

Arrrrrrrrrgh, I just hate the phone and whoever invented it... drrrrrring... here is comes again! Damn!

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