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Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Resolution?

2009 is gone, finally!
2010… by June, I’d have been a “loyar” for 3 full years!

Before I came back to start my practice,
I have told myself I have to persevere for at least 3 years of practice. So I did, thus far… despite how frustrating and depressing practice has been like.

2010… marks a year of making another big decision in my life.


I will also be attending the 20th WACCM Conference in KL in June this year… I hope I would know what has God planned for me by then: whether to stay put or otherwise.

This year, I have vowed to be closer to God, created a new blog to record my bible study… and bought a new bible, ie “The One Year Bible in Chronology”, to make sure that I would finish reading the bible in 2010 (This year, I MUST exit Exodus!).

This year, I would also like to write more “meaty” English blogs. I know I have not been writing much in my English blog because I have always find it easier to express my feelings in my mother tongue. But, to improve my English expressions, no matter how broken as it is now, I have to speak and write more English.

This year, I have got to start reading all the new books I have been purchasing franticly over 2008 and 2009 but are still being displayed nicely on my bookshelves collecting nothing but dust.


This year, I dare not set too many goals… knowing how forgetful and what a lazy person I am.

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