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Saturday, January 23, 2010

My First Camera – Fujica DL-20


My first camera was a Fujica DL-20, 
made in Japan, 1983… 10 years after me.

DL stands for “drop in film loading”…
so you only need to put in the row of film without having to physically pull the film out and glide it in like most film cameras back then… and that means it saves more film for more pictures!


To turn on the camera, just slide down the level covering the view finder… like this:

Cute right?

Two ISO option: 100 for day time and 400 for night time.

It also, actually, has an SCN mode with three options to capture scenery, normal photograph or profile pictures!!!


Fujinon lens f = 38mm

Comes with three colors: Black, Red and White


I sure miss my first camera…
which have been lost forever!
Really regret having such an ignorant childhood not knowing that cameras are one of those things that you can keep for a long time and it will become precious antique!


  1. Two ISO option: 100 for day time and 400 for night time.
    it should be matching the iso speed of the film

  2. Yupe, you are right... I forgot this is not digital camera.. hahaha!

  3. Ya now I remember, I had a DL Fujica camera too. Bought in KL, many years back.