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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Melia KL

I’m happy with my stay at the Melia KL, although I couldn’t actually sleep well, as I feel the room is just “too spacious”… which gave me a bit of “chill”… I guess I’m too used to the tiny but safe and tight rooms of the Tune Hotel!


Spacious Room… clean bathroom…

Look at the complimentary toiletries!

It rained heavily just I as start to get settled in my hotel room, and I so wish I could have just stay in the hotel after accomplishing my mission at Putrajaya… but I’ve got other personal assignments to perform as well ie, dad’s digicam and brother’s DVD-R...

Well, lowyat is right behind the hotel anyway, so it’s fairly easy assignment. I also by the way bought an external hdd for myself.

After dinner with IV and E, I returned to the hotel for the night… and that’s when I start to feel a bit… this is the second time I have to stay in a hotel all by myself. The last time was at Tune Hotel, but it was okay then because the room was small and there’s nothing much for me to scare myself with.

With the spacious Melia hotel room though, there were so many mirrors and “reflective items” (eg the kettle, the door knobs, the black tv screen etc)… I start to remember scenes from Juon again… that movie has really an impact on my life!

I only wish I was with a companion.

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