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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Black and White

Some pictures only look nice without colors…





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  1. Awesome photos, F.!

    Here's a poem on pylons for you.

    "The Pylons – Stephen Spender

    The secret of these hills was stone, and cottages
    Of that stone made,
    And crumbling roads
    That turned on sudden hidden villages.

    Now over these small hills, they have built the concrete
    That trails black wire;
    Pylons, those pillars
    Bare like nude giant girls that have no secret.

    The valley with its gilt and evening look
    And the green chestnut
    Of customary root,
    Are mocked dry like the parched bed of a brook.

    But far above and far as sight endures
    Like whips of anger
    With lightning's danger
    There runs the quick perspective of the future.

    This dwarfs our emerald country by its trek
    So tall with prophecy:
    Dreaming of cities
    Where often clouds shall lean their swan-white neck."