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Friday, October 23, 2009

Sprained my Ankle II

I was on my way to the courts (for the third time within four working days)… half way the journey… two cute Japanese girls approached me to ask the way (to the Poring hotspring)… they asked me where to get the bus to the “hotspring spa”…

I self studied Japanese since secondary school till now… and I passed JLPT Level 4 test a couple of years ago!

I’ve been waiting for this chance to prove my language skill for over 20 years! And… at that very moment I found out that I can't even speak ONE complete Japanese sentence to them... I felt so frustrated! All the Japanese vocabulary I learned I can’t find in my mind… I wanted to ask them whether they meant “onsen” by SPA but I just couldn’t remember the word!

I wanted to tell them it’s the same whether they take a taxi or a bus up to Ranau Hotspring… “Takusi mo Busu de mo onaji desu” but all I uttered was “koko de” (here) and expect them to understand I meant you can take the taxi from here to the place, it’s the same as taking the bus!

Although I understand fine what they were talking to each other in Japanese... I just don't know how to express my thoughts to them in their language!

I was scolding myself (for embarrassing myself again for the nth time) when I continued my way to the courts… right after trespassing the Government City Clinic for a shortcut… “crack”! I sprained my ankle again! So painful I nearly shed tears (of course have to tahan… can see other lawyers walking by already).

And that’s the story…

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