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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Two Books on my Wish List

Hoping to get it from Amazon soon… :)


Training the Young Singer at Five and Six Years of Age
Why Train a Young Child to Sing
Starting the Musical Experience
Rehearsal Routine and Exercises
Tone Building and Intonation
Theory and Score Instruction
Musical Games and Activity Sheets
Guidelines for Literature
Continuing the Musical Experience
Increasing the Rehearsal Routine
More Advanced Exercises
Tone Building and Intonation
Building Reading Skills and Score Interpretation
Guidelines for Literature
A Final Reflection


Why Train The Young Singer
How Children Learn To Sing
Why "Doo"? Headtone Singing with Children
Healthy Singing: Proper Vocal Maintenance
Breathing Exercises
Vocal Exercises
The Out-of-Tune or Uncertain Singer
Consonants and Vowels and How They Relate to Tone Building
Vocal Acoustics: Advancing Headtone Techniques through "Doo" and More
Developing Musical Accuracy: The "Doo" Odyssey Continues
Selecting Repertoire to Build Tone
How To Choose Choral Repertoire: Is It Pedagogically Valuable?
Score Selection: How To Evaluate, Edit, and Adapt Established and New Works
Final Reflections
What Is Success?

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