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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Value Elicitation Cards

Seen a very interesting public mutual fund agent today at my office… she says she just want to talk to me to open my mind… and promised she won’t try to sell any funds to me… so, I agreed to see her (aiyoh I so free anyway).

She came and show me this stack of Value Elicitation Cards and asked me to try to pick out 5 cards that I think is most important to me.

I picked the following cards:

Spirituality, Family, Integrity, Health & Money

She then asked to be arrange the 5 cards in priority order and I did as above.

Then she asked me to comment on the cards to explain why is the value important to me and what or how I expect to achieve my goals pertaining to the respective values.

Here’s my answer -- 

Spirituality: to me is my relationship to God
I want to put God in the first place… to serve the Lord in the music mission work is my goal. I wish to work with children mission musically…

I don’t know yet how to achieve it…

Family: family has always been very important to me because if my family is not well taken care of I won’t be happy. I want my parents to live a happy and financially stable life.

Integrity: relates to my profession and is a very important value to me because I refuse to be swayed away by all the unjust & injustice surrounding the profession. I don’t want to be corruptible!

Health: I am healthy and well but keeping healthy is a struggle… I always have weight problem and wish to have a more disciplined healthy lifestyle: eating good food and doing good exercises!

Money: I put money last because to me money is at the base of everything I want to achieve. I also wish to retire early and retire financially strong! My ultimate goal is to retire to a foreign country and Japan comes to mind where I wish to do children mission work.

The above are my goals… in life, for the moment… and now what I need to do is to focus my mind set to achieving these goals and to improve myself towards getting there!

I must say it has been a very inspiring session!

I was told if I think it is good I can recommend her to friends but she would charge RM500 for each session of her service… mmm!

Well, a meaningful life definitely worth more than RM5oo! Don’t you think?

I was suggested to go to this website for more:

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