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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Window Shopping @ Merdeka

One of those rare Saturday on which I’d go out.

This time, I need to go have my eyes double checked at the Crystal Opto… after that, just walk around the mall…

Saw this nice dress at a newly opened boutique,
I dare not enter to enquire the price though…
Coz the name of the shop is “Rich” Girl’s Boutique!
I poor girl no need go in lar! :(




Then we went to have a look-see at a little shop opened by a church member’s daughter…


She got some really interesting wall decor there…
price ranges from RM39 to RM69 depending on size of the stickers.

If only my apartment is ready, I would have bought one or two for decor… my music room would look nice with some musical notes flying over the walls… mmm…

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