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Friday, November 7, 2008

The Chase Stress

I'm a very "gan-jiong" person...
When I say urgent I meant I want it NOW.
But to be fair to others, I will normally give people a buffer of a week's time to react... but beyond that, I will start chasing!

But I met my match with SX bank...
This is one bank that, when you say urgent,
they will say OK... then its one week passed.
You call again, "oh we can't find the letter of offer"
(they don't have record of their OWN documents)
"could you ask the Vendor (their own customer) to give you a copy of the letter of offer so that you could fax to us?"

... what can I say?Photobucket

I got the document and faxed to them, called them,
and was told "in progress, by next week"...
Come next week, no sight of the documents you asked for,
so you called, they say, "next week..."!Photobucket


I called them so many times that I could recognise them by their voices and call out their names before they identify themselves!

Yet... my document is not here yet!

For the past couple of weeks, the first thing I thought of every morning when I woke up from my bed, is: when can I get the document from SX bank!

This really drains me up... and this coming weekend, I doubt I'd have peace of mind, in view of the fact that I still can't get a "guarantee" from them that I will get my document next week!


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