cracker: a bragging liar

~ definition by Merriam Webster

... I lie, I brag, I boast naturally... so please don't get serious about whatever I say or write :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mother Trucker

Mother Trucker up

I nearly "sudden brake" when I saw this big grand advert on my way home on a rainy day... Mother Trucker with the lightning behind!

Needless to say, some "dude" must have come out with the name knowing well that it would definitely catch ones eye as first glimpse your first impression would be "what the fkcu"?

Sigh... well it might be a good car... but I would not fancy the label I'd get by driving a Mother Trucker... with the F word keep slipping into my mouth!


Later found out the actually name of the truck is Navara... now that's a nice name!

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