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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Expensive Parking Lot

Due to the invasion of our DBKK car parking lots by the taxi drivers, the firm has graciously arranged for parking in the building next to the firm's office building... yes, firm will be paying for it. And how much? RM300 a month!!! Sigh!

I felt a bit embarrassed of the "humble car" I'm going to park there! RM300 a month when currently the firm pays RM52 for our monthly DBKK parking card... that means I got an "increment" of RM248!!! I WISH!

RM300... will I ever get over it... Photobucket


Anyway, I can only start parking at the "expensive lot" next month. For this month, it's a fight with others for a limited availability "green number" DBKK lot around the Bandaran KK.

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