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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Macau & Hong Kong ~ Where to Stay

I wasn't particularly worried over lodging in Macau Hong Kong for the backpacking trip in December... because, hey, this is backpacking! We are supposed to walk till we can't and then sleep wherever we can.

Anyway... that's what I thought it should be, but since we have a fellow traveler of less faith, we have to compromise.

After look-see a bit, here are a few guesthouse and hotels that we might end up staying... or even booking... and gosh! Aren't they expensive!


Augusters Lodge 

Ok, this one was "discovered" by LLM. It offers a bed at USD10! And so it got LLM really curious what is inside the room?

I have a bad feeling about the lodge from the pictures gathered from the internet...


For Hong Kong, the cheapest acceptable hotel is
Bridal Tea House Hotel

This is my kind of hotel, I think I'd like it!

Although with such small room charging USD53 per night is considered VERY EXPENSIVE compared to Malaysia... at least it's a presentable hotel with facilities and restaurant.

So I'd give it a try!


Another not so bad guesthouse in Hong Kong is the

Lee Garden Rest House

Lee Garden offers HKD450 for twin room and HKD550 for triple room. Reasonable...
  The room might not be impressive, but seems clean enough... and hey, at least it has a window!


Back to Macau.... we need to find a decent place to sleep!

... to be continued

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