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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lodging @ Macau & Hong Kong

First stop:
18-19 Dec: Hotel Riviera Macau (aka RITZ!)
Double Room HKD570 per night.
I booked the cheapest and nearest hotel from the Macau International Airport because I expect myself to be utterly exhausted by the time I reach Macau having flown from KK to KL and then to Macau!

Next morning, we will take the ferry to Hong Kong and will be staying at Kowloon New Hostel for three nights (19-21)
Double room HKD360 per night

As for the rest of the journey from 22-24 Dec,
we have no pre-booked place of stay
and will be travelling by faith.

I need to get myself a very good ultra-light backpack...
Maybe we could shop a bit during the first 3 days in HK and get ready for the big adventure of faith...


PS: I got booked the lodgings vide
this website is very user friendly and most importantly it allows of cancellation of booking 3 days before check in.

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