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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Driving up the Crocker Range Park

Magnificent scenery... steep roads all the way up... very exciting drive!

This road building project must have cost the people a lot of money... Rocks moved, earth cleared... mountains were cut up like taking out a piece of cake...

But first, you might get yourself lost before getting on to this road!

This "new highway" (no one seems to know what its name) is hidden somewhere after Papar and Beaufort... I took the new KK-Papar road, reached Papar town, no sign of this "new highway"... so I continued the journey up to Beaufort... there at this roundabout where the road sign says turn right to Beaufort town and turn left to Crocker Range Park... yep! That's it, I've found the entrance to the "new highway"!

After that, just follow the road... and enjoy the "new highway"....
till you reach a point where there is this little lodge on the left side of the road... it's actually a coffee shop where you can stop for a drink... nothing much to do there but the most natural thing of all...


ie loo

There are no houses, chalets or make shift toilets along the whole journey, this is the only chance for you to do your business, so cherish it!

After that, play with their cat a bit...

And lets not forget to let you know that it's cool up here... yep!
Just like Kundasang!

Enjoy the plants...
DSC00154 DSC00155 DSC00150

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