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Friday, October 17, 2008

EQ minus

I think some people (a certain majority Chinese clan from S'wak) are just born unfriendly!

Today, right after my happy lunch break, I got a call from a certain managing director of a company... the first few things he said on the phone was, "Why do you take so long *#$&#*&$*#$...". As usual it's an unhappy bank customer who is blaming the firm so the late release of the loan.

Fact is, we got our client's instructions in April but the customer only managed to send us the signed documents in August!

And I realised the Sale and Purchase Agreement signed for the acquisition of a piece of property to be charged to the bank is not properly signed! No common seal and not signed by directors at all!

When I asked who were their solicitors the customer gave me a name that I can't find from the SLA directory. When I enquired again, I was told they don't have any lawyer!Photobucket

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