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Monday, October 20, 2008

Fuel Rebate @ posonline

I am driving my brother's car which is still registered in his name. The car is with me in KK while my brother, the "genuine"  owner is in KL... so after I paid for the insurance and road tax, there is the question... how should we go about claiming the fuel rebate.

Claiming cash by my brother personally at any pos office in KL is out of the question as the car registration card is with me in KK. Even if we managed to courier the car registration card over to KL, my brother thinks it's too troublesome for him to go to the pos office, queue up to get his thumbprint affixed for the RM625. (He doesn't think RM625 is worth that much troubles!)

Then we thought we could do it online by using myeg website as advertised on tv/radio. Now, that is the most annoying website! After I keyed in my contacts, it does not proceed to process fuel rebate claim, instead indicate that their staff will be calling to verify the information given. When they finally called, this guy asked my brother to purchase a certain named insurance (linked to myeg) first! That time, we have already paid for the car insurance with another insurance company.

So, we gave up on myeg (not the mention they charge RM6 for processing, and RM2 "convenience fee") ~ not convenient or user friendly AT ALL!Photobucket

Then, I found out from a blogger that you can claim fuel rebate from posonline for FREE! So I quickly get myself registered as a user... But when I key in the car plate number to make the fuel rebate claim online. It responded with "IC does not match" ... can't proceed. Apparently my IC has to match the IC on the car registration card. OK, in that case, I had to get my brother to register himself as a posonline user and make the claim himself. But even with my brother's correct IC number, the system will revert with "IC does not match".

I later checked the car registration card and found out that it was because the IC number recorded on the car registration card is my brother's old IC number. So my brother inserted his old IC number into his posonline account details... still "IC does not match"... arrrrrrgh!Photobucket

Then I logged into my brother's posonline account and solved the problem by replacing my brother new IC number inserted in the column for "New NRIC" and left the column for "Old IC" blank...

Just as I expected, the system is designed only to read the IC number from the column assigned for "new NRIC" to match the JPJ system! So only by keying in the old IC number into the "new" NRIC column can the system match the IC on the JPJ record.

PhotobucketOK... now, we shall wait 3 working days to see if RM625 will be credited to my brother's bank account. :)

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