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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mario Puzotti

The defendant was accused of assault with a firearm and the robbery of two chickens and six eggs. Despite the testimony of four witnesses, the discovery of hundreds of feathers in his house, without speaking of a stew pot full of chicken bones and an old frying pan with leftovers of an omelette, the famous lawyer Mario Puzotti, at the end of an eloquent defence, managed to persuade the jury of his client’s innocence and to convince them that the true guilty one was society. The accused was freed ipso facto and, under thundering applause and cries from the public of “encore, encore” the talented lawyer was obliged to return several times to bow to his frenzied audience.


Wondering why I post this nonsensical story about a make-believe lawyer? It's because this little statue is the "latest recruit" to the firm! One of the senior partners bought it from his Aussie trip...

On Mario's desk, there is a pistol... and I wonder what case he was arguing there and why he held out his palm like that... so I googled him up and found the little story above... the story doesn't tell much, and surely doesn't answer my doubts about this guy!

Mario is now facing the firm's main entrance... with his head high up and both eyes shut... and his palm held out (for his unpaid legal fees?)...

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